Tips to Select the Best Whiskey for Your Party

Drinking whiskey always provides a type of luxurious satisfaction that’s unbeatable with any other types of alcoholic drinks. A lot of people tend to be particular about how they like their whiskey and won’t try anything else. This just indicates that they like the taste and they know how to choose the best whiskey for them. But, how about you? Do you know how to select the perfect whisky? If not, you need to know how to. Knowing this can help you big time when you host for a party next time. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the leading varieties of whiskies that can be the ideal option to have an enjoyable and memorable party ever.

Bourbon whiskey

Rye and bourbon whiskey share a lot of similarities. Moreover, bourbon is also preserved in oak cask and distilled with not more than 80 percent ABV. The bourbon’s manufacturers also keep age limit as they prepare the liquor since you cannot call a liquor as bourbon when it hasn’t been preserved in oak cask for 2 years minimum.

Canadian whiskey

Canada has become popular due to its most sought distilled whiskey, as several Canadian liquor producers and manufacturing distilled whiskey for 150 years and more. But now, the makers of Canadian whiskeys are focusing more on rye mash or mostly recognized as Canadian rye. This drink is renowned for being distilled with nine times more corn mash. Although, Americans ready the rye with at least 51 percent rye mash. The American rye should be placed in oak cask that’s filled with distilled with above 80 percent ABV. If you plan to rate a Straight Rye, then it must be 2 years old in minimum.


Nowadays, one of the favorite alcoholic drinks would be scotch. Scotches are generally made out of yeast, water, and barley. But. Perhaps it’s the dynamic aging process that provides the drink a natural flavor to it since scotches are left in overdone oak cask for almost 3 years with ABV. It’s known that the origin is what determines the true scotch’s character.

Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey and scotch are very much alike since the procedure of crafting the Irish whiskey is quite the same to crafting the scotch. Moreover, they are also both created with less than 94 percent ABV and kept aside for at least 3 years to improve its taste.

There are lots of available varieties when it comes to Irish whiskeys. Similar to the procedure of creating scotch, you must only consider one bottle of Irish whiskey as an authentic one when it’s truly manufactured from Ireland.

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